White Sage

Our dried white sage products come from the coasts and mountains of California, where they are carefully harvested, dried and loose or packaged into bundles . These Smudge Sticks have been used for generations by Native Americans for purification/smudging ceremonies. After that negative energies are reduced by smoking with the herbs there is space for good energy, healing and abundance. General PRECAUTIONS for use of SCENTS: This is a nonfood product , may not be used for medical treatment . The use of White sage is done responsible , should only be performed by competent adults and due to the risk of fire in the open air on a non- flammable surface . Sage is a natural product , the eventual ignite at your own risk – it can therefore no liability claims against us are unfounded. Use this White sage for only a godly, positive Intention –  White sage can be very hot , a fire hazard! and can afterflame or smolder for a long time and may during the entire usage time and during the afterglow not be left unattended . Keep children and animals away from hot white sage. Use shells and fire proof surface to hold White sage on.



  • Smudge fresh natural

    Hand Crafted

    Carefully harvested in California

    Smudging without coil

    Weight: 20gramm

    Size:10 -15cm long, 38mm diameter